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I'm a creator​

Podcasts about the art of creating NFT collectibles. This includes coverage of the basics and more advanced subject matters. We have our favorites but we would like to know who you follow or an article that grabs your attention regarding the NFT creative process.


I'm a collector

We try to cover podcasts about the legislative and innovation process for NFT collectors. Send us your suggestions and breaking news about the industry. There are a lot of changes coming to the Wild West of the collecting industry. NFT’s are a massive global industry so stay informed with us and share your best news.

I'm a distributor

Distributing is also under the microscope for change and close scrutiny. Why? Because the industry is not understood. Total confusion about museum and gallery impacts, and copyright protection. What constitutes an NFT, whether it is crypto or just a digital file registered on the block chain. We want to cover podcasts that make to clear outlook.

I’m a vendor

Whether you sell frame TV, cable service, WiFi software or host online auctions the news impacts everything you do. Everyday. You also need to think about how government will define the industry with or without your input. You don’t need to know the news, you need to engage in not just reading the news but making it.

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